« Le Groupement des Experts près la Cour d’appel d’Aix en Provence organise depuis plus de 10 ans son assemblée générale et sa soirée de gala annuelle au Pigonnet. C’est toujours un plaisir de pouvoir se consacrer à ses membres et à ses invités en sachant que toute l’équipe de cette grande maison est derrière et gère tout, y compris les petits détails, afin qui tout passe toujours parfaitement. »
Gilles DEVILLERS, président du GRECA.

« Nous tenions à vous dire que nous avons été très satisfait du repas que nous avons pris chez vous samedi dernier. Nous vous remercions de nous avoir proposé une nouvelle formule de menu, qui a été très appréciée par tous les convives. Bien cordialement. » 
Paul PASCAL Avocat Général Honoraire. 
Délégué de l’ANAMHO pour la Section Régionale d’Aix-en-Provence

Organize your private events

Offer your guests exceptional settings for events with family and friends, ideal for large occasions. The sound of waterfalls and the gentle rustle of the leaves of hundred year-old trees in the gardens always delight our customers. Our staff warmly welcomes guests to enchanting settings for unforgettable occasions all year round.

Relax in 3¾ acres of picturesque gardens with regional treasure Mount Sainte-Victoire in the distance, and maybe enjoy a game of pétanque (type of bowling) or hide-and-seek with the kids. In winter, there is interior cosiness, a wood fire and healthy portions of Chef Thierry Balligand’s gourmet cuisine to appreciate!

Whatever the occasion - cocktail parties, receptions, galas, wedding anniversaries, christenings, birthday teas – take advantage of our experience to make it a success! Make the most of dreamlike settings combined with top quality services.


Contact the sales team for made-to-measure events at: info@hotelpigonnet.com
Or phone: +33 4 42 59 65 30


Family gatherings such as christenings, birthdays, anniversaries, tea-times and stag/hen nights are all excellent occasions to celebrate. Hosting any of them at Le Pigonnet will feel like having the whole family at home, enjoying your own country manor and gardens together.

The events service will listen to you to, define requirements and streamline your wishes.  They will help and advise you to on the room/space, the food, decoration and all the little details which will make it so special!


La Table du Pigonnet - outdoor patio
Seminar Aix en Provence | 5-Star Hotel Pigonnet

The gardens go all the way round the large stone patio. Enjoy lunch or dinner under hundred year-old chestnut trees, with the sound of gentle waterfalls and crickets singing in the background.  Take a seat at the long tables under the trumpet-vine pergola or at the banquet tables in the scented rose garden.

ExteriorTable Ronde
Room capacity 350110
Salon Véranda
Seminar Aix en Provence | 5-Star Hotel Pigonnet

A charming room with windows on practically every side which let the natural light and soothing garden atmosphere seep in. Ideal for meals as you can let your eyes wander over the enchanting gardens while sheltered from the weather. Includes direct access to the gardens and the bar to extend your time or simply enjoy a drink (select teas, liqueurs) with your guests.

InteriorEn UEn classeEn théâtreRéceptionTable Ronde
Room capacity 3412 pax 12 pax 20 pax 25 pax 3*8 pax
Salon Cheminée
Seminar Aix en Provence | 5-Star Hotel Pigonnet

The warmest room is also one of the original parts of the country manor which became a hotel in 1924. It is a private area, away from the busy parts of the hotel, ideal for family meals. A wood fire burns all winter, making it a chic and cosy spot for dinner.

InteriorEn UEn classeEn théâtreRéceptionTable Ronde
Room capacity 2225 pax 8 pax 12 pax 15pax 1*12
Salon Portalis
Seminar Aix en Provence | 5-Star Hotel Pigonnet

The bright room next to the main section of the restaurant is perfect for meals with family and friends. It opens onto the garden and includes a special private entrance. Our Chef’s elegant, seasonal cuisine is served here.

InteriorEn théâtreRéceptionTable Ronde
Room capacity 4225 pax 35 pax 35 pax


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INTERIORsq ftTheaterstyleSchoolstyleU-Shape StyleCabaret StyleDining Cocktail
Garden 158130 pax12 pax16 pax4*8 pax40 pax
Garden 228012 pax8 pax8 pax1*8 pax12 pax
Garden 1 & 286170 pax35 pax30 pax5*8 pax60 pax
Sainte Victoire96980 pax30 pax25 pax5*8 pax60 pax
Chimney Room23712 pax8 pax10 pax1*1215 pax
Veranda Room36620 pax--3*8 pax25 pax
Interior bar38720 pax---25 pax
Veranda & bar75330 pax---50 pax
Restaurant1291---110 pax150 pax
Rotonde603---60 pax100 pax
Portalis452---40 pax35 pax
Boudoir64---6 pax-
EXTERIORsq ftTheaterstyleSchoolstyleU-Shape StyleCabaret StyleDining Cocktail
Seminar Garden-----120 pax
Lounge Bar3444----150 pax
Pergola10810 pax---25 pax
Présenditiel Suite Terrace1830----80 pax



Room/space hire * Aperitif includes 8 savoury and 2 sweet items * Champagne (1 bottle / 3 guests) and wine (1 bottle / 6 guests) * Fruit juice, mineral water
€60 including VAT per person


Room/space hire * Dinner includes 16 savoury and 4 sweet items * Champagne (1 bottle / 3 guests) and wine (1 bottle / 6 guests) * Fruit juice, mineral water
€75 including VAT per person


Our menus
*The Cezanne menu, €65
*The Vasarely menu, €85
*The tasting menu, €120
*Drink package from €15 per person (includes wine, mineral water and tea/coffee)


Room/space hire * Tea-time includes one of the Chef’s patisseries or an assortment of mini patisseries *A hot drink and a cold drink
€16 (including VAT) per person